Creativity Explored

From 2022 to 2024, I worked at Creativity Explored, an nonprofit art studio and gallery in San Francisco for artists with developmental disabilities. Creativity Explored celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2023, a large-scale communications effort I was proud to be part of. Routinely, the gallery hosts on- and off-site exhibitions, for which I developed unique brand identities and promotional

Old Friends/New Friends
was an exhibition celebrating Creativity Explored’s 40th anniversary at the end of 2023, curated by Natasha Boas. The exhibition told the tale of San Francisco’s artistic Mission District as a rhizome, exploring the connections between the fabled Mission School and the many Creativity Explored artists that came after. I worked with illustrations by artist Barry McGee to create the exhibition logo.

Eneight Vase was an exhibition at the Creativity Explored gallery in the summer of 2023, featuring iterative and recursive works curated by Laura Figa. The logo and titular neologism came from an artwork by Valerie Byrd.

Figuratively Speaking was an exhibition at the Creativity Explored gallery in spring of 2023, curated by art critic Hilton Als of The New Yorker. I developed the (very simple) logo for the show in consultation with him, and created a postcard and graphics to promote the show based on the late Douglas Sheran’s work.

RELOVE was an exhibition at the Creativity Explored gallery in early 2023 that showcased recycled works created from materials scavenged from the Recology dump. I developed the branding for RELOVE based on drawings by lead artist Samedi Djeimguero. and conversations with curator Josefin Lundahl, who wanted a retro feel hearkening back to the hippie and environmental movements of the  ‘70s.

In 2023, Creativity Explored exhibited at the Outsider Art Fair in New York City. I designed promotional materials for our booth, with artwork by Kevin Roach, Evelyn Reyes, Pablo CalderonRicardo Estella, Tranesha Smith-Kilgore, and Camille Holvoet.


Other exhibitions and projects